Thread Designs

There are two bold statements to make about this experimental surfboard.  One is about the board and the other is about the shaper.  The first thing you should notice when you look at this stubby yet agile outline is the way it's hiding foam.  It's got standard small wave dominance dimensions of 5'8"x21.25" with extra packed-in float from it's 39L. The added volume is to reduce the resistance a heavier surfer experiences when paddling into weak waves.  Each line embodies pure aesthetics, yet leaves you in absolutely no doubt that this is a high-performance small wave surfboard.  It gives it an unmistakeable ready-to-attack look.  The rails are replicated like those of a board 2.25" thick.  The lack of carbon drifts away from the standard construction process to allow for proper flex and a reduction in weight on a bulkier surfboard.  Frankie Cuda is the extremely knowledgeable personality behind TD Surfboards.  He turned our complex design into reality.  Frankie runs Thread Designs with punctual customer service and detailed top-notch workmanship.  This especially pleases customers in an industry where it's easier to just go surfing and leave orders for later.  Get your next dream custom made or find his five-star stock boards at