THE AUREUS $139,000

Here is a truly unique way to invest in gold.  A surfboard that doesn't depreciate and at current gold prices the value could easily increase.  The Aureus by LUX Surfboards is the worlds first 24 karat gold surfboard.  It's design was inspired by the iconic single fin shape of the 1970's and is the first in a short series of limited edition surfboards celebrating their rich surfboard heritage.  LUX surfboards was created to explore the overlap between Art and functionality - producing surfboards of striking beauty and elegance to be enjoyed for their graceful aesthetic, as well as their performance as a contemporary wave riding craft.

Gold has inspired man to create art for thousands of years, and gilding something with gold always reveals its true nature. The lavish use of 24 karat gold leaf throughout the construction of the Aureus enhances the subtle wave of the fiberglass, and imbues the curves of the board with a delicate luminosity.  It marks a world first in surfboard construction techniques.

LUX Surfboards is a collaborative project between two artist:

Ellie Miller: The only the female professional surfboard maker in Europe. Ellie produces handmade custom surfboards under her own label Miller surfboards.

Danni Bradford: An Artist, Gilder and Surface designer specializing in Verre-eglomise - the gilding of glass. Danni produces bespoke, decorative and functional glass pieces from her North Devon studio.