Brazil's Fernando de Noronha Island

Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha is a trip straight out of a dream.  If you’ve ever wished to surf in a perfect little tropical island with ultra clear waters all to yourself, Fernando de Noronha should be your next destination.

The Brazilian island is located 340 miles off the nearest coast, is one of the most important ecologic sanctuaries in the world, and is one of the most remote islands in the world. With only 450 visitors at a time you can count on empty surf, untouched vegetation, and peace. Fernando de Noronha is a true escape.

Cacimba Do Padre Beach offers up an unrivaled surf landscape. Imagine the photos of yourself riding the perfect surf, with rocky cliffs in the background, and a glistening turquoise sea. You’ll be completely amazed…Surprisingly this island likes north swells, those deep, cold, snowy ones that pull off the NE and drives swell down to Puerto Rico.  Expect 2’ plus surf everyday in December - February easily holding 10’.  This fine sand bottom break will start breaking on the outside shelf and run left and get meaner and hollower as it barrels over the shallow beach...When looking at lodging, definitely check out Maravilha. Offering a 360 degree view of the Sueste bay, you couldn’t imagine a more picturesque panorama. The scenery is so spectacular, you’ll never want to close your door.

And when you are done pegando ressacas (getting monster waves) you'll need a skol and fresh acai, so stroll one bay over to the #1 voted beach in the world. You will have to walk through a crack in a rock wall and when you are through your eyes will be taken by Praia Do Sancho's beauty.  For trip customization and access to an exclusive offer only offered through Lux BarreL email