Mercedes Benz G63 Wagon

The boxy and upright G63 flashes war and tank but is much more luxurious and nimble.  This incredibly fast all-terrain vehicle boasts a 536 hp twin turbo V8, accented on the exterior by sharp chrome side pipe exhaust.  The rugged square lines lend to industrial and European feel but it is not a far off smaller version of the Hummer H2.  The G63 was originally built as a utilitarian vehicle for soldiers and has held on to a lot of its traits as it evolved into a metropolitan hauler.  When it comes time to hit the sand or navigate rocks the advanced suspension keeps you level.  3 boards fit well inside and a longboard would need to go on the roof.  The leather appointments have the show and feel of luxury and the durability to handle anything surf. Pneumatic seat cushions, Harman Kardon electronics, and Alcantra linings contribute to a comfortable ride. The large LCD display offers many controls although your phone would be better for navigation.